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zaterdag 28 april 2012

Factor (Het Entrepot)
Binnenweg 4, 8000 Brugge

22: (einde rond 6:)

€ 6


◘◘ C R I T I C A L Z . X S ◘◘
◘ Bruges’s urban legend.

Criticalz XS. Bruges’s urban legend:

“A couple of months ago two fearful yet passionate explorers were investigating an unexplored sector located North of Bruges. When all of a sudden their tools, which had also started to glow, buzz and do exactly everything they shouldn’t been doing, were shut down by external powers, the explorers immediately realized they were close to discovering something big. ‘Perhaps the legend?’, one said without thinking. All they knew at that very moment was that their discovery had to be reported at Headquarters. After a quickly organized crisis meeting at HQ, the board decided the investigation could be continued if the needed precautions would be taken. After hearing this decision the two crew members packed their stuff and took off in an instant. Night was falling and darkness started taking over as they arrived. The two were dazzled and struck speechless the moment they laid eyes on the sector. "Is, is … that, I mean?" one of them mumbled, "I can't believe what I'm seeing"’ the other whispered, while rubbing his eyes more than once. Flashing lights that radiated colors that would make rainbows look pale, vibes which made the grass wave back and forth without the presence of a small gust of wind, just as if the grass was enchanted by the unexplainable sound they both were hearing. A sound most likely from another world, a world more pure than ours.
Time passed by as they were sitting there, motionless, fearing that the dimension, along with its wonders, would vanish at the slightest stir. 'Who goes there and what brings you to my dimension?' a dark and deep voice suddenly roared. Both were thunderstruck and too shocked to reply. When one of the explorers finally had the courage to answer he said: "who we are is of none importance ... what brought us here is obvious: you. The only question is: who, or rather: what are you, and could you please enlighten us about all of this?" The dark voice started to laugh, its laugh was so deep and powerful that even the ground started to tremble, no bass line from the mortal world would be able to match it.
I, Ixxes, am the guardian of this mythical, mysterical and musical dimension. My task is to protect the dimension from everyone who's unworthy to enter while it travels through the universe. The dimension has to appear on every planet twice a year, it's created only and only for the pure hearted Drum & Bass cravers. Now, this is something I shouldn't say but you two look trustworthy: "the next appearance on planet Earth will be on 28th April ...”

Criticalz XS, the just discovered and therefore unexpected dimension by Brugealive vzw.


• MODIFIED MOTION | UK - Innovation Recordings •

• GUNMAN & JUDAH | BE - Antwerp City Flow •

• BASIC B2B SENCER | BE - Desc •

• SOPHICS | BE - Bruges's pride •

• BARIOUS | BE - Bruges's pride •

• EKSDREAM | BE - Resident •

◘◘ MCs ◘◘

• LOWROAD | BE - Resident •

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